Most frequent questions

Your questions – our answers

1. I worked as a house husband for 3 years – can I close this pension gap?

Yes. As soon as the change in the law comes into force, a maximum supplementary payment of CHF 34,128 per tax year will be possible. In addition, such an additional payment can be made only every five years.

2. Can I pay in the full amount at once and does it make sense?

In order to optimise the 3-a supplementary payment in the best possible way, we would have to look at your situation in more details. Leave your contact details here. We will contact you as soon as possible.

3. When can I make these subsequent deposits?

The National Council adopted the motion on June 2nd 2020. The Federal Council must now draft a corresponding amendment to the law, which is why many details are still unknown. What is certain is that a resolution to this effect will open up new prospects for your personal pension planning and other tax-saving options.

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4.  How can I invest the money today and benefit until the subsequent payment is possible?

With Vontobel Volt®, the digital wealth management app, you can invest your future supplementary payments in the Pillar 3a today. This means that you can invest your money until it is possible to buy into the third pillar at a later date. Your advantages:

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