Pillar 3a – supplementary payment possible?

Yes, it could soon be possible!

Good news! Recently, the National Council and the Council of States approved a motion to allow supplementary payments into pillar 3a. Persons who in previous years were unable to pay any or only partial amounts into the pillar 3a scheme will now be able to make supplementary payments (so-called 3a purchases). It is now up to the Federal Council to draft a corresponding amendment to the law. The good news is that you can already invest your money in Volt today and use your investment for 3a supplementary payments later, as soon as the law comes into force.

What’s clear?

  • A supplementary payment should only be possible every five years
  • Limit purchase amount to the so-called large deduction (CHF 34,128)
  • All home ownership withdrawals already made will be deducted from the maximum purchase amount
Frequently asked question: I worked as a house husband for 3 years – can I close this pension gap? Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.
Did you know? Additional payments to pillar 3a will soon be possible.

Simulator for supplementary payments in pillar 3a

Do you want to find out whether you can also make supplementary payments?

Use the simulator we provide to calculate your potential supplementary payments. Only three details are required from you – your data will not be stored.

1962 and earlier Year of birth Existing 3a credit balance in CHF Withdrawals from pillar 3a (e.g. home ownership) Calculate Your largest possible pillar 3a balance Your current pillar 3a balance Your pillar 3a savings gap Your potential for supplementary payments for pillar 3a Your fixed pension gap This is the largest possible pillar 3a credit balance, provided that you have always paid the maximum amount into your pillar 3a account from the age of 25. Your current pillar 3a credit balance according to your input. Your maximum pillar 3a purchase amount, consisting of the largest possible pillar 3a credit balance minus existing pillar 3a credit balances and pillar 3a advance withdrawals made according to your specifications. As of: 17.06.2020 -> Your maximum supplementary payment amount into Pillar 3a according to the current wording of the motion. In addition to the deductions (existing 3a credit balance and advance withdrawals), the potential amount per payment is also limited by the so-called “large Pillar 3a deduction”. This is the maximum Pillar 3a amount for self-employed persons and will amount to CHF 34’128 in 2020. On the other hand, normal annual contributions (currently CHF 6’826) should also be able to be made as usual in the year of purchase. A further restriction concerns the periodicity of subsequent payments, which should only be possible every 5 years. For example, a man who is 40 years old today will still have 25 years (or 5 times the maximum CHF 34’128) to make subsequent payments. The amount calculated here is the remaining purchasing potential that cannot be paid into Pillar 3a due to planned restrictions. Alternatively, you can close this pension gap by investing this amount in a private investment (without tax deductibility) and saving for retirement.

Important note:
The calculated amounts are assumptions based on the table for calculating the maximum possible 3a balance of the Federal Social Insurance Office – for a definitive calculation, the Federal Council’s draft legislation must be awaited.